Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some frequently asked questions between users and store owners about the program and operating methods

  • Why Cashierc? what's the difference between it and other Point Of Sale programs?

    Cashierc let's you control of every single data of your data, makes you show up orders and product with charts and reports to helps you making your store better and to know what your clients order a lot, beside the quick and detailed functions in our program that allows you to do many tasks and accounting with your data. With Cashierc all of your data is safe in the cloud storage which you can backup, restore and delete your data whenever you want. beside that we always updating our software daily to make a high security, design and create new additions which helps you and save your time.

  • It's very compatible for any printers, scanners, internet devices and any operating system. We focus on making the software work with the best and most commonly used retail hardware and we hear a lot from retailers using Cashierc successfully with printers we’d never even heard of.

  • It's not that hard. You have to add your data with a high and fast functions in our software enables you to complete your data easily and quickly. beside that every single page in Cashierc has been explained in our Youtube channel.

  • It will not take long, just add your store data, such as categories, sub-categories, products and users (managers and cashiers). Once that, you can start, and you can complete adding, modifying, or deleting data at any time.

  • Certainly, a large number of users prefer to use the program on mobile devices because it is light and enables you to move anywhere. Cashierc application design helps you to do that because it is fully compatible and responsive with all types of devices such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop and computer, and it also supports all types of screens.

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